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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 21, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, president obama continues his fund raising swing with a high dollar breakfast in san francisco this morning. we'll tell you where and who is expected to attend, coming up in a live report. an east bay city sleeps better after a man is arrested near a popular lake. bay area could approve one of the biggest developments. it's april 21, this is today in the east bay.
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good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 4:30. let's get a check of traffic with mike inouye this morning. good morning, mike. >> good morning, scott. the speed sensor is not showing a major issue. there's fewer cars. we are looking at slowing coming out of the tunnel eastbound opposite your commute. there was an earlier car fire. folks possibly standing in the rain. the rain might have helped things out there. i want to warn you of activity. back to you. >> thank you much. president obama started his bay area visit in palo alto. this morning, he continues the west coast tour with a breakfast fund-raiser here in san francisco. christie smith is live with
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more. good morning. >> good morning to you. obama backers are digging deep to attend a private breakfast in downtown san francisco, paying anywhere from $5,000 to $35,000 to attend. among those expected this morning, governor jerry brown, who is expected to get a one-on-one with the president. this stop at the masonic center was cool. supporters paid $2,500 and outside protesters waived signs hoping the president would hear them from ending the war and taxing the rich. >> they need to come out and raise hell. he won't be able to do anything unless there's a movement to change the way we spend in this country.
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>> reporter: obama made it clear, this is a crucial time. he needs help getting reelected. knob hill, a town hall streamed live from facebook. today's breakfast, expected to pull in $800,000 alone. this week, the president expected to pull in $7 million in california alone. he deforts fso at 10:45 this morning on his way to do more fund raising in southern california. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith in the east bay. >> here is a quick recap of the president's schedule. after the fund raising breakfast, air force one will take off and fly to reno where he'll hold another town hall meeting. then returning to washington friday morning.
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stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the president's visit. a private investigator may ask for a plea deal in their roles in a drug ring. christopher butler and a narcotics officer will be in court in a few hours. they are accused of stealing drugs from the police evidence locker and selling them back on the streets. prosecutors accused them of staging an arrest in 2009. the men may choose to make the plea deal today to avoid going to trial. a man is in custody after attacking a woman. he could be responsible for other attacks as well. he's accused of an attempted sexual assault. he attacked her and another
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woman was attacked in the same building several months ago. the man they arrested matches the description that victim gave as well. >> we are still investigating this case, trying to get connectivity in other cases as well. we can't give too much information in the arrest today. we are confident we have the person responsible. >> she is still recovering from the trauma of the attack. friends of a young fremont man who fell to their death are under arrest. they arrested his friends on public intoxication. they took acid. witnesses say hussein was behaving as though he was hallucinating. one witness told police he was talking of wanting to fly. a story we brought you
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yesterday. a man who fell out of a boat has died. the 44-year-old and a woman were pulled from the bay early yesterday morning. the two fell in when laurel tried to restart the motor on a boat. guards spotted them, they were taken to the hospital. laurel died, the woman is okay. a break-in and fined one of the largest siezures of marijuana. they stumbled on a pot growing operation of 2300 plants worth $2 million. the burglar was trying to catch tools and copper fittings from the business. he may not have known about the bigger loop inside. san francisco leaders could approve one of the biggest developments on treasure island in decades. the $1.5 million development would create a neighborhood in the bay.
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it includes 8,000 residential units. if the planning commission approves the proposal, it heads to the board of supervisors. the meeting will be held at city hall at 6:00. my dad was stationed on treasure island. i'm sure if they built it that way, he would not recognize it at all. >> have you been there? >> yeah, sometimes we take a christmas card picture shooting out looking back at the city. a smooth drive now. i marked on the map an earlier car fire on the orinda side. we'll look at the effects of weather. we talked of rain in that area. the wet roads here. the camera, some folks might notice we are zoomed into the 880. over the last day, they have assembled a structure blocking part of the view of the approach
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to the toll plaza. that will continue as they remodel the toll area. there's a garden there as well. i'll do a story on it later on in the year. glowing lights southbound with the headlights as water kicks up on the windshield as well. sunol is not that interesting. we wait for it. we see the glowing lights on the hill as headlights. i'm hoping they will make the shot more interesting. there's the glow of the lights. >> we want to see nothing. >> that's true. i wanted to show the effects of the water on the windshield but i think you know that. did police overreact when they tased a 15-year-old boy. kindle users are about to have their virtual library expanded.
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a way women can increase their chances of giving birth to a
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it's 4:41. you are looking at a shot of the san mateo bridge with a little
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bit of bounce in it. we'll check weather in a bit. if you live near a gas pipeline, pg&e is going to let you know. they will send brochures out. it's part of an effort by pg&e to better educate the public following the catastrophe in san bruno. a report for a company hiring employees using social security numbers assigned to dead people. they hired workers without doing enough to make sure they were cleared to work in the united states. inspectors say 32 subcontractors dids not have the required paper work like drivers licenses or permanent resident cards. police tased their
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15-year-old boy. they say police did not follow protocol. >> i can't believe he was tased. >> reporter: a grandfather says the police overreacted when they used a taser to control his grandson. >> i think tasers are used too freely these days. i think officers need to be trained with how they deal with special needs children. >> reporter: the teenager was having a tantrum and wouldn't leave a special education class. they say the police should have known about the special behavior protocol before they used the taser. they are saying someone was tased on campus. the family says police told them the officers were forced to use
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their taser because he reached for a gun. >> it's a difficult story, i know. he's a difficult kid, but this should have never happened to him. >> reporter: he spent most of the evening at the hospital. he was then transferred to a mental health facility. talk about a lousy vacation, an elderly woman got sick on a cruise ship. they had to transfer her to the hospital. that's normal. as she was moved from one trip to the other, they dropped her into the frigid norwegian sea. the woman is fine and is in the hospital being treated. let's turn to nicole at cnbc. good morning. >> a very good morning to you, scott. futures are higher thanks to
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apple and a fast foods giant. more on that in a second. wall street rallied from intel and ibm. asia rose, europe is higher. oil is above $112 a barrel and gold is flirting with the $1500 an ounce mark. we get significant data on unemployment we'll be watching. dupont, ge, verizon to name a few. the nasdaq edged up 57 points to 2802. here is apples story. their profits nearly doubling as consumers snatch up iphones and other products. they benefited in the u.s. from the verizon wireless deal. icon sales fell short of estimates.
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apple says it's due to supply issues. they are selling ipads faster than they can make them. they don't see major supply chain impacts from the disaster in japan. kindle will down load from 11,000 libraries. a lot of them provide e books already. you will be subject to lending rules as is the case of your local library, checking them out for a couple weeks. then, you won't be able to open a book until you recheck it out. >> i just had to pay $63 to the library for not returning a book. christina loren joins us, but not from here. she's in san jose with the
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forecast. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right, we are celebrating earth week. i'm on a farm this morning. a farm located within the confines of the city limits of san jose. a farm in san jose. it's a community farm. come out today. we are talking about earth day and the important reasons for you to connect back with the earth. let's get your weather. if you can pan up into the light, we have drizzling conditions. i'm not using an umbrella. i don't want my hoody. they are pesky, misty conditions. nothing too heavy, but enough to make the roadways slick if it continues for a half hour or so. this is what we are expecting. a few light showers for the first part of the day. the low pressure system is sitting to the north. the remainder of the day, by 9:00 a.m., we are going to see a good deal of clearing. by tonight, the skies clear
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completely. temperatures will be able to hit the low 60s. we are looking at a nice second half of the day. as you can see from the future cast, temperatures are nice and mild later on today. the rain will clear out of here, just in time for friday. friday looks good. unfortunately, it looks like we are going to see another round of rain on sunday, easter sunday, we'll talk about that coming up. the highs in the upper 60s. not bad, seasonal for this time of year. temperatures ranging from 65 to 70 degrees. san francisco only 63 degrees. i have the extended forecast coming up, actually, let's show it to you now. i have the forecast here. holiday weekend showers. this is what it looks like easter morning. i think we are going to see showers up in the north bay. i think they will spread to the south throughout easter sunday. so keep that in mind. it's not going to be a total wash out, but you might hunt for
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eggs in the rain. we just planted, watch your step. we are planting all morning long giving you tips on how to keep the earth nice and thriving. we have generations and generations to come to enjoy it as well. back to you, mr. mcgrew. >> all right. 4:49 now. the as are getting ready for a four-game series. a former stanford star shining in the game. jeff lowry hit a two-run homer to help the red sox beat the as. the sharks are gearing up for game four on their playoff series with the kings. they are looking to push the momentum forward. the players need to come out stronger tonight. that's for sure. 7:30 in l.a. you can see it on csn california.
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what pregnant women should do or avoid to increase their child's iq. the cars on highway 24 is cleared. the tunnel is lngoo all right. i'll show you the effect the rain is having on your commute. a
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it's 4:52. you are looking at 880 in oakland as folks start to head to work. b.a.r.t. riders can get free
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tickets. learn about it at an event this morning. 5,000 people will be given a pass if they attend. there are exhibits on how the agency is protecting the environment. you can catch it in san francisco's herman plaza. it starts this morning at 11:00. a second chance for dogs living with an animal hoarder. ten husky-mix dogs were found. they range in age from three months to four years. most are in good health. they are up for adoption. the address of the humane society in pleasanton is there on your screen. per much more in store for today in the bay. marla tellez is live in the news room. hi. >> hi, scott. no one wants to wish ill-will on anyone, but if you are a dodger
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hater, this will bring a smile to your face. baseball feels they have to step in to save the franchise. plus, giants pitcher tim lincecum exposed in playboy. maybe i'm going to tune in for that. what a can of soda can do for california. see you in a few minutes. >> i don't know if you have read playboy, but it's not usually what you find. it's mostly articles, generally not playmates named tim. good morning, mike. >> you are accurate about the tim statement. antioch, folks of all names, ages. 71 is very unusual. we don't see folks -- a lighter
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commute before 5:00, obviously. moving smooth out of the north bay into the east bay. there's the effect of the wind on the camera shaking a bit. we have the rain coming through the area. the wet road is evident here. the hayward side, a note to change the interchange. 92 off 880 continues to evolve. watch for the signs as they reopen the lanes. no matter what i say, look at the signs there. it will straighten you out. 580 is running smoothly. gusty conditions as you come over the hills on the altamont pass. >> fair enough. thank you. women exposed to pesticides during pregnancy could have low iq scores. a link between pesticide exposure and lower intelligence
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scores. they followed more than 300 children from before birth to age 7. the more pesticides the mothers were exposed to from produce or home use, the lower their scores on iq tests. starting next month, you can sign up to get your hands on the nissan leaf. they will reopen their reservation system dpr the leaf on may 1. japan plans to deliver leafs to 20,000 customers on a waiting list by the end of summer. last month's quake and tsunami slowed deliveries to the united states. have you heard about pet airways? the florida based company, the only airline designed specifically for pets, pets travel in climate control cabins, the 2-year-old airline is landed in st. louis. it does not fly to california, by the way.
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some day, you will be able to fly like a beagle. coming up, problems with your land line phones. how vandals are cutting off communication in the east bay. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. it's 4:57. marla joins us in just a minute.
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>> reporter: new this morning, president obama is leaving the bay area today. before he does, he'll attend one more fund-raiser this morning in san francisco. we'll tell you where and who is expected to attend, coming up in a live report. a berkeley high school student files suit against a school district saying administrators ignored her complaint about sexual harassment. >> reporter: how your sweet tooth could fund your child's education. a


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